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In 1967 the Beatles began their most influential year as their music and appearance changed with the release of a new album, Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band, and a new film, Magical Mystery Tour.  Fewer than ten signed Sgt. Pepper LPs have surfaced and most were signed at the press party.  The one in my collection was signed to an Apple Scruff girl, Lizzie Bravo. She was also a back up vocalist on Across the Universe that first appeared on No One’s Gonna Change Our World and later on Rarities.  As a point of clarity, Apple Scruffs was a song written by George Harrison affectionately naming the female fans who stood vigil outside the Beatles recording studios and Apple offices.

Sgt Pepper gatefold album cover signed in 1967 by all four Beatles for Lizzie Bravo.

Color photo of Lizzie Bravo next to John Lennon the night she had the album cover signed. Lizzie is holding the cover in her hand.

When Magical Mystery Tour was being filmed, the Beatles were somewhat accessible.  They took breaks during the bus rides and signed many dinner menus, post cards, etc.  The Beatlemania phenomenon had subsided and they felt comfortable around their fans.

Set of beatles autographs on back of a promo post card signed in 1967 during the filming of Magical Mystery Tour.

Atlantic Hotel, Newquay signed 1967 menu where the Beatles filmed scenes for Magical Mystery Tour.

In 1968 the Beatles were either in the studio or going in different directions. They went to study with the Mahareshi in late 1967 through 1968. Consequently, very few signed items were produced during this period. I have seen less than six sets and one is pictured below.

Rare set of Beatles autographs on an album page signed in 1968.